TreeMax Fairy Door Realty

When looking for a home for your much-loved, but rarely seen, Garden Fairies, Gnomes or Pixies... you want a name you can trust.  That is where TreeMax Fairy Door Realty comes in.

We have a Five Star Rating in Home Sales for Magical Creatures.

We have been helping customers get Fairy Doors, Gnome Homes, Hobbit Holes and Pixie Portals for ages... but our website is new.

Take a look at the extensive variety of listings we have, for homes for Mystical and Magical Creatures of all kinds... and you will see that our offerings are top-of-the-line quality, at very reasonable prices.  Each of our items is one-of-a-kind, handmade and hand-crafted from up-cycled and reclaimed wood and materials.


TreeMax Fairy Realty - Helping your Fairies find a Home - TreeMax.caOur head office is located in Pitt Meadows, Canada... but we ship our homes all over North America.

You can read our REAL shop reviews on Etsy, or you can read some fabled fawnings on our Testimonials Page.

You can also find out how our Company came into being, on our sister site:

And, finally, if you have any questions, please get in touch, via the links on the Contact Page.

We are TreeMax Fairy Door Realty - Helping you find Homes for your Fairies, Gnomes and Pixies.

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