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Testimonials *

I have never been so delighted, as with the Fairy Duplex, which TreeMax Realty found for my twin sister and I.
Simply delightful!

 ~ Pansy Moonfluff


The Fairy House that TreeMax Realty found for us was outstanding!

 ~ Thorn Willowbug


TreeMax Realty helped us find our Fairy Dream Home!  We can’t thank Lorie & Bob enough!

~ Leaf Dewberry


* These testimonials are completely made up… as we’ve never ACTUALLY had any correspondence with the Magical Creatures that live in our Fairy Doors, Pixie Portals, Gnome Homes or Hobbit Holes.

However, we do have REAL correspondence and 5 Star Ratings from ACTUAL customers, that you can read in our GardenFairyDoors Etsy Shop, by CLICKING HERE.

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